In today’s crazy, ever-changing music industry, it’s the savvy independent artist who knows the score—that the road to the top of the Billboard charts begins with a massive global viral buzz. Enter Lisa Lavie. This charismatic, Canadian-born vocal powerhouse, whose inimitable style incorporates elements of pop, soul and R&B, is already a superstar to fans around the world who have made her YouTube live-in-studio performance videos an Internet sensation.

With over 80 million video views and counting—more than one view for each person in her native Canada—Lisa’s raw stats are both staggering and inspiring. “Angel,” her soulful mid-tempo original, racked up 1.5 million views in its week as a featured video on YouTube’s homepage, and now has registered over 8 million views. Beyond the originals that form the core of Lisa’s video repository, the Montreal born and bred singer-songwriter has also scored millions more hits for her videos of pop song covers.

Lisa’s online popularity translated naturally to strong digital sales on iTunes. Within two days of its iTunes release, Lisa’s debut album Everything Or Nothing reached #20 on the site’s pop chart and #70 across all iTunes music categories. Without backing from a music label, and having written all the lyrics and melodies on her debut album, Lisa has grown her success by persistent hard work, dedicated personal communication with fans, and by word of mouth: “When thousands of people hear you sing, and they start singing your songs right back to you, you know you’ve got something.”

Even before the YouTube phenomenon and iTunes attention, Lisa’s vocals were featured on two popular film soundtracks: in the Kevin Costner-Ashton Kutcher blockbuster ‘The Guardian’ with her silky and soulful interpretation of “The Mockingbird,” and in the Jeff Bridges comedy-drama Stick It “If I Only Knew” that is also featured on Everything Or Nothing. After several features in the “Hitmakers” section of BMI Magazine, Lisa appeared on various national television programs, including Entertainment Tonight, eTalk, CNN Newsroom, Canada AM and ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Lisa has headlined concerts, masterminded the “We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube Edition)” charity collaboration video that inspired rave reviews from media around the world, and was personally selected by Yanni as a lead vocalist for his World Tours since 2011. Lisa was also recently hand picked by the Trans Siberian Orchestra to be a featured vocalist on their 2014/15/16 US/Canada tour. Once an inspired and determined sixteen year old girl who financed a demo CD with $5,000 earned as a cashier, Lisa now stuns audiences from around the world with her vocal power, passion and soul.

Working independently of the major record labels, Lisa is currently working on her sophomore album, which is set to be released March 2017. With additional tour plans in the formative stages, the gears are in motion to translate Lisa’s YouTube stardom into a long term career as an artist, live performer and charismatic media personality.